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ADE event: Puma x Daily Paper
ADE event: Puma x Daily Paper
During the Amsterdam Dance Event we organized an event called Brands x Music for ADE Playground. This event was in collaboration with Puma, Beats NL and Headfirst. It took place in our Flagship Store in Amsterdam. The main topics of the event were how brands and artists can benefit from working together and how to reach the new generation. We invited the leaders of the industry to discuss these topics. Nigel van Ommeren and Akwasi hosted the panel talks. After the panel talks there was a party in the store. The DJ Line-up included Joe Kay, Jereau Vandal, Full Crate, Yung Chale, Foreign and Patrick Mordi. Many people came to the panel talks, to be able to exchange thoughts and ideas with the following speakers.

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Joe Kay | Soulection
Joe Kay is the founder, face and voice of arguably the most influential taste maker platform for music. Soulection Radio is probably the most prolific show on Beats1 Radio by Apple. Joe Kay is in the perfect position to explain how a music platform can develop by connecting to a brand.

Zoe Stafford | PUMA
Zoe Stafford developed experience in communication positions at major entertainment companies BMG and MTV. At Stoked PR Zoe continued to set up strategies in the music and entertainment business. It wasn't a coincidence that in 2013 PUMA asked Zoe to join the company as 'Senior Manager European Marketing'. PUMA has made some significant power moves in music marketing over the last few years, Zoe is here to give an insight into the vision.

Hussein Suleiman | Daily Paper
Hussein Suleiman is one of the founders of Amsterdam based clothing label Daily Paper. He founded the company with 2 friends in 2010. At this point Daily Paper is one of the fastest growing clothing labels in the fashion industry. The label is currently being sold in 180 retail points in 25 countries. From its first collection onwards Daily Paper's connection with music has been very visible. In 2014 Daily Paper took artist merchandise and brand partnership to a new level by creating a sub clothing label with music trio Yellow Claw called Blood For Mercy.

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Dieuwertje Heuvelings | Spotify
'Dee' entered the industry when starting the taste making blog 'Rassion Mag' with three 3 girlfriends. After a few years she was hired by music agency Massive Music as an A&R. After 4 successful years Dee went on to become playlist curator for Spotify in 2015. In no time, Dee has surprisingly become the personification and spokesperson of a new generation of Dutch artists that didn't need traditional media and recognition to become mainstream success. With playlists that are national and international hits, Dee can tell us all about how a new generation is taking over control in the entertainment industry.

Shaurav D'Silva | 2-Tone Entertainment (2TE)/ Warner Music
Shaurav D'Silva founded entertainment company 2-Tone in 2004. In 2011 he signed his first venture with Universal's 3Beat Records. As a young A&R Shaurav recognized and nurtured the talent of artists like Fuse ODG, Sigma, and Diztortion. With his team of talented artists he went on to score multiple number 1 chart hits in over 10 countries worldwide. Last year Shaurav was nominated for the 'A&R of the year' Award by the leading Music Week. Shaurav D'Silva will share his experiences as a young A&R coming up as the underdog.

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Shivas Howard Brown | Regal Minds
Shivas was born and bred to end up in the music industry. Coming from an artist family Shivas saw at a young age what it took to be in the business. After a short internship at the leading Beggars Group, Shivas started his career as an A&R to Pete Tong and Warner Music. As the A&R to one of the worlds biggest forces in mainstream dance music Shivas discovered and created a streak of hit songs, working with acts as Oliver Heldens and Disciples. After the Parlophone stint, Shivas continued his career as A&R manager at Columbia Records. In the meantime still working on his label / management company Regal Minds. From this summer on Regal Minds went Shivas his sole focus after breaking Kideko with the summer hit "Crank It". What did Shivas learn from the major label industry and what made him decide to leave this world?

We want to thank everyone for dropping by our store for the ADE event. If you missed out on this one, make sure to follow us for updates.

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