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Pop-up Rotterdam Opening
Pop-up Rotterdam Opening
In December of 2016, we opened the doors of our first pop up store in Rotterdam. We believe this city has lots to offer and wanted to get a taste of the good vibes and creative people. This is why we invited you all to come by and join our events with a good mix of music, people, and open bar in our Daily Paper setting.

Together with our friends from Rotterdam we organized three events during the first month. Starting with the opening party on the 10th of December. The DJ line-up included Yeung Feurich, Yung Chale, Freddie Le Mercure and Jugendstil. The event popped off in the store and continued at Yardbird. These are the better parties hosted since 2012 in BIRD.
daily paper rotterdamdaily paper rotterdam
The second event was on the 15th of December. The creatives at Chips Soundsystem hosted a live DJ set in the pop up store and the afterparty was at Chips in Bar Rotterdam. They are known for the use of different music styles together in one night. Something only Chips can pull off.

The last one was on the 23rd of December. This was the pre-party for the Triangle Indoor Festival later that day in the Maassilo. In the pop up was a live DJ set hosted by Triangle. Together with Triangle we made a mixtape. One of their resident DJ's HEAZ was pushed forward to curate and mix this tape.
daily paper rotterdamdaily paper rotterdam
“I wanted to express my Moluccan descent in this mix. At family parties back in the days, there was always a live band that plays a lot of funk and disco songs. And for in a time we live now, I want to show how much good vibrations the funk from this era gives to people.” Enjoy!

We want to thank everyone for dropping by our pop up store during these events.

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