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Eva Apio about Transcending Borders
Eva Apio about Transcending Borders

Fashion model, Eva Apio, talks to Daily Paper about Transcending Borders and their freshly attained Womenswear line in new SS'18 editorial

Daily Paper’s Spring/Summer 2018 Transcend Borders collection has already hit online shops and global lifestyle retailers. To make the release a bit more special, the Amsterdam-based lifestyle & clothing label tapped young London muse, Eva Apio, for its latest SS18 Women's editorial shot by Afeez Amao, and furthermore asked Eva some questions about Transcending Borders and what it means to her. You can read the full interview below. The full women’s collection is currently available via the Daily Paper webstore.

So Eva what does Transcend Borders mean to you?
To me transcend borders has many meanings. It means reaching the unreachable, not limiting yourself and trying what hasn’t been done before. It means being different and being happy about it. It also means being the brightly coloured sheep in the flock of white sheep. So many people fear change and believe being the same will give them acceptance into society. I feel being different is better because you are you. and no one can be you, so why not transcend borders and be different!

How have you Transcended Borders? Tell us more about your journey coming from Uganda to London?
Moving from Uganda to London was something new to me. I can’t believe I’ve only been here 7 years but I’ve done so much since being here. I came here wanting to fit in with the London girls, so as everyone does, I followed the flock. I tried dressing the same and followed all the trends. I basically got lost in the sauce! I made a lot of bad decisions in the process because I wanted to be accepted. After I left secondary school, that’s when I started changing even more. In terms of my fashion sense and my beliefs, I basically transcended my borders and stepped out of my comfort zone. The way I dress now reflects my personality and represents my aura.

How’s your modelling career going so far?
My modelling career? Yeah that’s a true Cinderella story. I want to cry every time I think about it. If you told me I’d be where I am today last year, I would’ve easily laughed and called you crazy. I’m so grateful for where I am right now and everyone that’s helped me. This time last year, I was contemplating where I was going to be this year and what I’d be doing. I was scared that I was going to be in the same place and not have made any progress, I guess everyone has those thoughts, right? Because I don’t think I’m the only one.

Your love for Daily Paper is no secret, how does the Daily Paper ethos align with yours?
Daily Paper is about being different but being stylish whilst doing so. The brand represents so much in terms of encouraging self-confidence and reppin’ your roots, particularly the Motherland (Africa) and this is what caught me. Daily Paper uses Africa as their source of inspiration, which is important because most brands forget about their motherland when creating or they will use it once for inspiration for one collection. They stretch from the norm and further push their mentality which is everything I stand for. I believe in being open minded about everything from fashion to a general everyday lifestyle. I feel as if to wear Daily Paper, you should have self-confidence because it’s so different that people won’t help but stare and question you.

How does it feel, being one of the faces for Daily Paper’s newly attained women’s line?
Being the face for Daily Paper’s women’s line is amazing because I have so much passion for the brand and the people behind it. I have a strong relationship with them. The women’s line is so good in terms of versatility of the type of women it caters to. Like myself I’m an air forces and cargos kind of girl, I’m not a fan of the heels & dresses. The women’s line has all of that, all the baggy clothing as well as the tight fitting dresses for the more elegant girls! I’m so prideful about Daily Paper that when I see someone wearing It in London, I get excited because Daily Paper is different from all your common retail brands & stores such as Zara, Topshop, Stussy or brands you tend to see on places like ASOS. It’s rare for people in London to acknowledge change in terms of their fashion especially from a brand that’s not even based in London.

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