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Captain and Sailor series
Captain and Sailor series
In December 2016 we introduce a new drop, called the ‘Captain’ and ‘Sailor’ series. These series comes in limited quantities. The Captain series contains multiple colourful hoodies and sweaters. The Captain series are made out of clean cotton with a soft fleece fabric on the inside to create an extra soft feeling on your skin. On the right sleeve we placed the woven Captain band with the Daily Paper embroidery.

The hoodies and sweaters are made in a comfortable fit for daily usage. In this first Captain series drop we have created a orange, yellow and navy hoody and a black, navy and grey crewneck sweater.

The Sailor series contains 2 long sleeves in the colors black/yellow and white/navy. The Sailor Longsleeve is made in a classic Daily Paper (longsleeve) silhouette and features a comfortable fit. This longsleeve features the premium printed Daily Paper Sailor Logo on the front of the longsleeve. The longsleeve is made out of clean cotton. We also created one new sweater in navy as addition to the yellow and grey sweaters of the fall/winter 2016 drop. The sweater features the premium embroidery Daily Paper Sailor Logo on the front of the sweater. The sweater is also made out of clean and soft cotton fabric.

The Daily Paper x SANDALBOYZ collaboration will be live in: