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Women's Premium Satin Bomber release
Women's Premium Satin Bomber release
We are pleased to announce that we are going to release a women’s collection in addition to the current Men's collection. Starting on Monday the 24th of October our iconic bomber is available in an exclusive Daily Paper women’s fit. This premium satin bomber comes in a serie of four colors.

Next to the collection of quality street/casual wear for men, we are now launching a women's collection. The first serie of premium satin bombers is available via our Daily Paper online store and the Amsterdam Flagship store starting Monday the 24th of October.

You can order the premium satin bomber here

The premium satin bombers are designed for strong women who likes to express themselves with their own personal style. We like to empower these women within our movement and show our vision on fashion and personality, inspired by the African background of Daily Paper. Defined by great detailing, innovation and quality.

The premium satin bomber is made out of premium soft nylon, with a clean polyester lining. The zipper of the jacket is made in our custom Daily Paper logo. The bomber is available in Old Pink, Lavender, Maui and Mulberry.

The Daily Paper x SANDALBOYZ collaboration will be live in: