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Daily Paper and the Van Gogh Museum Reunite for a Second Collaborative Line

For the Fall/Winter 2020 season, Daily Paper and the Van Gogh Museum reprise for a second collaboration which sees a selection of legendary Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork reinterpreted and reproduced on a collection of winter-ready garments. While the first Daily Paper x Van Gogh Museum explored the subject matter of Van Gogh’s art, for this second collaboration we turn our gaze back upon the artist himself. 

Rather than just retelling his life story – something chronicled so definitively by the Van Gogh Museum – Daily Paper chooses to explore the different guises which the modern day Van Gogh might take. Art is not some rigid construct but rather any creative endeavour whether that be within sports, design or technology – this modern reinterpretation of art opens up the question of who might the Van Gogh of today be. By drawing parallels between the life and career of one of the Netherlands most celebrated artists with those defining contemporary Dutch art, we hope to inspire and educate a generation by connecting the dots between the old and new.



Bodil Ouédraogo - The half Burkina-Faso and Dutch fashion designer who uses her bi-cultural identity to explore the contrasting cultural norms and traditions in the West and African continent.

Christian Yav - The Belgian-born Congolese choreographer and dancer is using physical language as a way to change the narrative as a black creator whilst breaking gender barriers. The notion of identity stands as a central topic in his work.

AiRich - An Amsterdam based visual artist who draws from the past and the future of Black mythology and Sci-Fi to create portraits of Afrofuturistic super beings that refuse to conform to Western beauty standards and therefore redefine black beauty.

Marlou Fernanda - A Rotterdam based visual artist who introduces her art by translating a fearless navigation of color and a central character who is visually reminiscent of herself. From documentary-like short films to painting and digital art, the multidisciplinary creative addresses everything from faith to loneliness. 


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