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Behind the Shield

Introducing BTS, Behind the Shield, a new segment where we’ll be sharing behind the scene stories, content and insights around the Daily Paper brand.

Meet the Face: Ottawa

To kick off our Behind the Shield series, we spoke to Ottawa Kwami on set during a campaign shoot of one of our upcoming collabs.

Ottawa was spotted in Ghana in 2017 and imploded onto the European fashion scene in 2018 when he made his runway debut for Louis Vuitton, after which he quickly became one of Daily Paper’s main faces. The 20-year-old talks how to adjust to a new city after moving from Accra to London, what gets him through hard times and his ambitions for the future.


Continuing our new BTS segment, a highlight of our Spring Summer 2020 collection is the Shibori design, a tie-dye variation considered to be one of the oldest dyeing techniques in Japan. Each design gives a unique wash effect which makes up for a detailed yet subtle pattern. All of the Daily Paper Shibori tie-dye sweaters, hoodies, and tees are made using natural vegetable dyes.

This choice was a result of a trip from the Daily Paper Design team to one of our partner suppliers in Portugal. During the trip, the team gained a better understanding about garment dyes, special washes and various branding applications; but also got an insight into how this process can be made sustainable. As brand transparency is a future endeavour for Daily Paper, understanding the full product life cycle and being transparent to our community regarding our production is extremely important to us.

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