Daily Paper

Daily Paper x DANGA

The Belgian based DJ has been active in the industry from quite some time now. He developed a style of mixing that distinguishes him from other DJ's. With some memorable gigs in the biggest cities all over Belgium in venues such as Bloody Louis and Forty Five. His style is rather a mix on different genres consciously not labelling himself and just doing his own thing.

"Lately I have been in a 80's/90's vibe, so my tape would have been completely filled with disco and funk. But before I got into that mood, i've been selecting some tracks that i've been dropping the last half year. So i started searching for a mix including older and newer tracks, that's how I came to this mix as a result. Also, I attach importance to the Belgium scene, that's why I always make sure I put some songs of Belgian artists into my live sets, aswell in my (first) mixtape"


The Daily Paper x SANDALBOYZ collaboration will be live in: