Daily Paper

Daily Paper x DRKNGHTS

They say love and music connects the right people together. So true for DRKNIGHTS Collective, consisting out of Kristieyana, Bubbles and Phoenix. Each growing up simply loving music and determined to one day contribute in which ever way they can. This trinity of bold and mysterious ladies have a sense of distinction going on in comparison to anything else you may have seen. These knights have each earned their right to be there due to their individual skill set and wide repertoire in music spanning from Hip-Hop, Bass and Grime to Ghetto House and Funk.

"We wanted to make something like this for a long while, where we can let people hear the sounds we have always felt comfortable playing. The mix was generally inspired by the ballroom/bass scene. We selected a bunch of new and old favorites that just had to come back in the mix. We hope you guys like it as much as we loved to make it"


The Daily Paper x SANDALBOYZ collaboration will be live in: