Daily Paper

Daily Paper x Sapato Sound System

Based in Kassel/Germany Sapato is a sneaker & streetwear retail store. With its roots not only in fashion but also in music they decided to bring the "Sapato Soundsystem" to life. DJ Drxzz & Josh Feder both born and raised in the 90s grown up with a big influence of HipHop music. Now they represent a mix of their hiphop roots and new contemporary styles such as futurebeats and edmtrap.

"We Love the fact that everywhere you go there is a different taste and understanding of music. This is why our inspiration lies everywhere we go. In the people we meet, the places we see and the music we hear. With this mix we tried to show you what a recent night of party with us sounds like in 30 minutes. Everything from the warmup to the 6am chill."


The Daily Paper x SANDALBOYZ collaboration will be live in: