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Daily Paper strongly believes in the importance of the environment and aims for a healthy and sustainable nature. We are convinced that it is important to create awareness by increasing sustainability within our company, including accountability on environmental and social issues.

Our company will engage in sustainability challenges, including employees, investors, suppliers and consumers. Efficient performance improvements are important to manage environmental neutrality and other sustainability ambitions including operations, supply chains and products.

As a brand, we have always stood for inclusivity and therefore we tolerate absolutely no discrimination. Inclusivity stands for the inclusion in society of all different groups based on equal rights and obligations. We find it very important that everyone is equal to each other and can be free in whatever they choose to believe in.

One of our core values ​​is open mindedness, which results in more creativity and diversity. With that open mind, we believe that freedom of association is very essential. Every person must be free to choose what they want to participate in, whether in school, in politics or any other activity.

Cultural education is high on our list. Our collections always have a cultural educational purpose where we tell something about a culture that is not yet known to many people in the western world. Next to that we find it important to give back to the community. We did this, among other things, by building a soccer field for girls in Ghana.

We do not use raw materials from unsustainable extraction because we consider it important that our earth is kept intact. We believe it is necessary that fewer raw materials are extracted, which means our earth lasts longer and the environment is kept liveable for every creation on earth.

As a fashion brand we are strongly against water pollution and for this reason we will switch to organic cotton. With regard to the use of chemicals, water and energy, we are working with our factories to reduce this.

We do not use animal products because we consider the welfare of animals very meaningful. We find it crucial that no animals are used to develop apparel.

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